Welcome, Mamas! 


Welcome to Birth by Grace Midwifery's Online Learning Hub! Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and information needed to make informed decisions, alleviate fear of the unknown and help you reclaim the power over your body during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond! 

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Birth by Grace Midwifery's Prenatal Playbook

BBG's Prenatal Playbook is the perfect companion course to guide you through the fundamentals of prenatal care, provide you with valuable tools and information you'll need to feel empowered, informed and at ease during your pregnancy journey!

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The PERFECT prenatal companion to help you navigate through prenatal care! Accessible on any device! 


Minimize anxiety with the toolkits, guides, tips and resources to help you understand what to expect during pregnancy and during your prenatal visits!


Tips on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy through nutrition and exercise! 

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Meet Your Midwife!

Hey boo , HEY!! 


About Your Favorite Midwife:
I am Christine Taylor, APRN, CNM. I have over 15 years experience in maternal health and midwifery care and the owner of Birth by Grace Midwifery in Tyrone, GA. My passion for moms and babies runs deep. As a little girl, I always dreamed of working with expectant families. Midwifery truly makes me happy!

I a mom of two daughters, 3 dogs and 4 goats, a wife to a wonderful mid-husband, lover of music, herbs and naps! Oh yea, I can't forget to mention that I am a Chicago native... always reppin' the South Siiiiiidee!!